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Professional Ceiling Repair in Wirral

Whether you have a damaged, cracked, or sagging ceiling, you’re going to need a professional plasterer for a ceiling repair. Wirral plastering specialises in all aspects of ceiling repair in Wirral.

Here’s a breakdown of the ceiling repair services we provide:

  • Insurance ceiling repairs
  • plasterboard ceiling repair
  • ceiling coving installation
  • ceiling and cornice repair
  • traditional lath ceiling repair

We are the leading ceiling repair specialists covering Wirral, Chester, and Liverpool. If you would like a free, no obligation quote for a ceiling repair in Wirral, call 07897028220. Alternatively, you can use our contact form.

Lath Ceiling Repair Wirral

Ceiling Repair Specialists in Wirral

Repairing plasterboard ceilings and traditional lath ceilings is one of our specialities. The overwhelming majority of our ceiling repair work is from damaged, cracked, sagging plasterboard ceilings. However, our plaster ceiling repair service doesn’t stop there! As the leading ceiling repair specialists in Wirral, we can repair ceiling moulds, covings, plaster cornice, and structural columns.

If your home has any historical value and you want to retain its original features, we can restore damaged plaster ceiling moulds back to their former glory. If you need a plasterer in Wirral to repair a ceiling, get in touch with us now for your free no obligation quote.

Plasterboard Ceiling Repair

Whatever reason you may have for needing a plasterboard ceiling repair, we’ve got you covered. Our method for repairing a plasterboard ceiling is to cut back to the ceiling joists, install new boards and match the finishing process of the original plasterboard ceiling. The majority of plasterboard ceiling repairs are skimmed with a thin layer of finishing plaster.

Traditional Lath Ceiling Repair

If you need a lath and plaster ceiling repair in Wirral, you’re in the right place. We repair a lath plaster ceiling by hacking away the damaged plaster and inserting a piece of plasterboard in its place. The plasterboard will be held in place by the straps that hold the original lath. Once the plasterboard is in place, the next step is to plaster the area until it matches the level of the original plastered ceiling.

If you would like a free no obligation quote for a lath and plaster ceiling repair in Wirral, click here to use our contact form, or you can call me right now on 07897028220.

Types of Damage that Ceiling Repair Covers

There are many reasons why a ceiling might need a repair, but the most common reason is water damage. Roof leaks can drip onto the ceiling below, causing the ceiling to sag and eventually causing it to collapse. A constant drip from a leaking pipe above a ceiling will eventually cause a ceiling to collapse.

Properties with subsidence and other structural issues will most likely have cracked ceilings. Flood damaged properties in Wirral usually have to repair or replace a ceiling depending on the extent of the damage.

Ceiling Repairs Wirral

The Most Common Types of Ceiling Repairs

The most common types of ceiling repair in Wirral are cracks and small holes. Having to repair ceilings in Wirral is common because many of the properties were built over 100 years ago. A cracked ceiling is usually a symptom of aging.

If a ceiling has multiple long or wide cracks in the middle of the room, it is likely to be something much more serious. If the cracks in a ceiling are 1/16 (1.5mm) wide, you should call me right now on phone number to arrange to have it repaired.

Note: the usual cause of a cracked ceiling with dips is a structural beam collapsing. Subsidence could be the underlying issue that caused the beam to collapse in the first place.

The first step in ceiling repair is to find the original cause of the crack in the ceiling. Sometimes the cause of a cracked ceiling is blatantly obvious, and other times it can be not easy to detect.

How can I cover a stain on a water damaged ceiling?

Covering a stain on a water damaged ceiling will depend on the size of the stain. If it’s only a small ceiling stain, you should allow the area to dry out before applying a good stain block. Once the stain block has dried, you can apply paint. It’s possible to paint over minor ceiling stains, but many water-damaged ceilings require a ceiling repair before using paint.

How quickly can you repair a water damaged ceiling?

The time it takes to repair a water damaged ceiling depends on the source of the damage. If a leaking roof damaged the ceiling, it makes sense to repair it before attempting to repair it. We can fix the ceiling once the affected area is completely dry.

Which is the best type of ceiling to have? Plasterboard or lath and plaster?

A plasterboard ceiling and a lath and plaster ceiling both come with their own benefits. A lath and plaster ceiling is a much more breathable material and is better at regulating moisture. A plasterboard ceiling costs a lot less and is easier to install and repair.

Is a cracked ceiling a sign of subsidence?

Not necessarily. Shrinkage and settlement of the usual cause of ceiling cracks. It’s common for aging properties to have cracked ceilings, but it’s not necessarily caused by subsidence. If you have doors or windows that are difficult to open and close, these are typical warning signs of subsidence. If you suspect you have subsidence, you should contact a structural engineer.

How can I tell if my ceiling is safe?

The only way you can surely know if your ceiling is safe or not is by getting a professional opinion. We can assess your ceiling free of charge and let you know if it is safe or not. If the ceiling is hazardous, we can secure the ceiling to stop it from collapsing.


Whether you have hairline cracks, holes, or a sagging ceiling, get in touch with Wirral Plastering today, and we will book you in for a free assessment. Once we have looked at the ceiling, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote to have it repaired.

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P.s other services I offer are skimming, dry lining, wall repair, coving and plastering over Artex.

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