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Dry lining is a quick and cost effective way to cover internal walls ready for decorating. Dry lining Wirral (also known as dot and dab) is an excellent alternative to wet plastering and costs a lot less.

Dot and dab eliminates the need to build a timber frame. The super strong adhesive is applied to the wall, and the plasterboard sticks to the adhesive. The adhesive takes approximately 3 to 6 hours to dry, which gives plenty of time to level the plasterboards.

Benefits of Plasterboard Dry Lining

Here are the four most popular reasons for plasterboard dry lining:

  • Quick installation: using large sheets of plasterboards to line your interior walls allows you to cover a large area quickly. Traditional plastering has “drying out periods,” but this isn’t necessary when using plasterboard for dry lining walls.
  • Helps to retain heat: one of the benefits of dry lining walls that rarely gets mentioned is that it acts as insulation for your home. Instead of heat escaping through your walls, the dry lining acts as a barrier to retain heat. Lower energy bills are a welcome bonus for homeowners who want dry lining Wirral.
  • Lightweight: using plasterboard to line walls is ideal because of its light weight; it’s easy to manoeuvre and cut to size. 
  • Noise reduction: if you live near a busy road or an airport having walls dry lined with plasterboard will help to reduce the amount of noise from traffic. Wet finish plastering doesn’t offer much insulation from noise. Dry lined walls help minimise moisture within a room and provide better protection against fire.
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