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The Artex trend swept the nation throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Virtually every home you went into either had Artex ceilings or Artex walls. Apart from having a nice finish, the textured coating was particularly good at concealing cracked ceilings and damaged interior walls. However, trends come and go, and most Wirral homeowners loathe looking at Artex walls and ceilings. Most homeowners call a plasterer to plaster over Artex rather than having it removed.

If you have an Artex ceiling or wall, you have two options. The easiest option is to plaster over Artex, and you’ll never know it was there. The more challenging option is to remove the Artex. Artex removal isn’t particularly expensive, but it can be hazardous to your health because it contains asbestos. You should only hire a trained professional for safe Artex removal in Wirral.

Artex Ceiling

Removing or Plastering Over Artex?

There’s a good chance that all of the Wirral houses that had Artex installed before the year 2000 all contain asbestos. Asbestos was an ingredient used in Artex before it was banned in the year 2000. Wirral plastering would always recommend the safe removal of Artex wherever possible. You should never attempt to remove Artex. Only a trained specialist should remove and dispose of Artex. Removing Artex only becomes a hazard when it is disturbed. The dust containing asbestos becomes airborne and, once inhaled, can cause all sorts of health issues.

An alternative option is to plaster over asbestos walls and ceilings. 85% of our customers opt for plastering over Artex ceilings and walls because it contains the Artex behind a layer of plaster and cannot be disturbed. It’s important to note that not all Artex contains asbestos. The only sure way of knowing is to test the Artex to save it contains asbestos.

Safe Artex Removal

Although 85% of our customers choose to plaster over Artex, 15% of our customers want to have the Artex completely removed from their home. If you would like Artex to be removed entirely from your home, we would have to arrange to get it tested for asbestos before attempting to remove it. If an asbestos test shows that the Artex in your home contains asbestos, we would have to arrange with a third party to come and safely take it away. A trained Artex removal specialist will adhere to all safety guidelines to ensure its safe disposal.

Plastering Over Artex Service in Wirral

The older your home is, the higher the chance you have Artex that contains asbestos. If you’re not sure what to do, we will come out and assess your asbestos wall or ceiling and discuss some options with you. As explained earlier, the least expensive option is to plaster over Artex and make your walls and ceilings smooth again.

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