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Before we go any further, it’s important to know that the terms plastering and skimming are often used interchangeably. Skimming is a technique to create a perfectly smooth finish on a wall. 

Plastering is a trade that covers a range of services. If you want perfect, silky smooth walls ready for painting or hanging wallpaper, you need to have them skimmed first.

Skimming is the art of applying a thin layer of plaster across the entire surface of a wall or ceiling. The plaster we use to skim walls is non-toxic and is not hazardous to your health. Once the walls and ceilings have been skimmed, they need time to dry out before applying paint or wallpaper.

The Most Likely Places You Will See Plaster Skimming

Plaster skimming is all around you. You will see freshly skimmed walls in new builds, renovations, extensions and loft conversions etc. You often see plaster skimming used for wall repairs or over Artex.

Skim Coating Wirral

Wirral Plaster Skimming Service to Smooth out Your Walls & Ceilings

Many properties on the Wirral suffer from cracked ceilings and walls. There are many reasons why a house might have cracks in the walls or ceilings, but my job is to remove them. Re-skimming an uneven wall or ceiling will fill the cracks and create a smooth, even surface.

If you’re tired of looking at damaged ceilings or walls, my plaster skimming Wirral will eliminate the cracks and make your walls or ceilings look like new. If you need an experienced, time served plasterer Wirral, click here to pop your details into the contact form, and I will get back to you right away.

Skimming Walls and Ceilings in Water Damaged Properties

Properties that have suffered from flooding and water damage will have to have the ceilings and walls re-skimmed. Wirral Plastering will bring water damaged walls and ceilings back to life by patching and repairing damaged areas and finishing with a fresh skim coat.

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